African Elephant

Wonder List

  • How old can he be?
  • What is his diet?
  • Is he/she smelly?
  • How many times can it have babies?
  • Does elephants really eat peanuts?


  • What is the name of your animal? african elephant
  • What are some facts, or true statistics about your animal? they live in africa, they can have one babies
  • Why is this animal endangered? people are killing to many african elephants
  • How many are left? we are unsure we will research
  • What ecosystem is this animal a part of? african elephants are a part of the desert ecosystem
  • What role does your animal play in their ecosystem? it reduces vegitation by eating plants
  • post food web here
  • If your animal becomes extinct, what impact will this have on their ecosystem? it will have more vegitation
  • What impact will this have on other ecosystems? people wont have elephants to kill so they will go to other ecosystems and reduce that ecosystems population.
    • post concept map here
This is our comparing and contrasting African Elephant and Macaroni Penguin
  • What impact will this have on people (viewers)? it will want to make them stop killing our animals.
  • What humans can do to help? we can make more room for animals and they will fell safe and they will be happy.
  • What I can do to help? I can make posters hang them up i can also ask the tfk to put a article on endangerd animals like the african elephant.
This is our map about penguins and African elephants

Images, Video & other material

This is our video about the african elephant
african-elephant1.jpgexternal image 42_91e0523a35c07ae86027bbcba731044b.jpg